NCSD Water Play Day

At Fiesta Island

August 2nd, 2009 at 11:00 a.m.

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The club will be providing                       Place:  Fiesta Island

hotdogs and drinks

(soda/water)                                           Directions:

Please feel free to help fill up               From I-5,

the food table!                                        Take Sea World Dr. Exit.

                                                                Go southwest. Then turn

What else to bring:  Chairs,                   right on East Mission Bay Dr.

shade tent or umbrella, water,              Then take the first left onto

water toys for the dog and                    Fiesta Island.  The road is one

possibly a portable kennel-                     way, so just follow it around.

It’s up to you…                                        ** About 1/2 way around, is a

                                                                fork, go right, and go past the

We all had so much fun last                   scout camp.  We’ll be just

year playing and swimming                      around the next turn.

with the dogs!!  Remember

the sunscreen!!                                                                      


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