The Newfoundland Club of San Diego welcomes you and your family whether you are already owned by a Newf or are thinking about welcoming one into your life.

We are confident that your Newf will be everything that you would hope for as a gentle, loving, and devoted member of your family. As a Club we want you to know that being owned by a Newf opens up a new world of enjoyable and rewarding activities.

Some of the activities include:

  • AKC Conformation
  • Carting/Draft Work
  • Water Rescue
  • Obedience Training and Competition
  • Rally Trials
  • Agility
  • Nosework
  • Therapy Work

NCSD is devoted to recognizing the ability and potential of our Newfoundlands. Our Club sponsors educational programs and a variety of activities such as fun days, our annual Blessing of the Animals, draft test, water test, and our annual Regional Specialty Show for all our members to enjoy.

We invite you to join us in our activities and meet fellow Newf lovers. We are all here for the love of the breed.

Membership benefits include early registration/sign up to club events and activities. Members also receive Newf Waves which is the Club’s online briefings, updates, and educational articles.

Application Process

Once you submit your application and dues:
Applicants will be posted in the next Newf Waves as “Pending Applications”. If there are no objections from the board or current members within 30 days of publication they will automatically become NCSD members.

All members are welcome to attend any of our board meetings.
The up coming meetings are always posted in Newf Waves. Please contact any board member for further information on where the board meeting will take place.