Newfoundland Club of San Diego Rescue Inc. is a non- profit organization recognized and sanctioned by the AKC “Newfoundland Club of America” to do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the Newfoundland dog breed.

The purpose of the NCSD program is to rescue unwanted or homeless Newfoundland dogs and place them in a forever home.  It is our belief that a Newfoundland dog should not be acquired casually or disposed of lightly. However, sometimes an owner might have lost a job or a home, or the Newf may simply not be a good fit for the family.  It does not matter what happened, what matters is that a family has a Newf that they love, but simply cannot care for any longer. If you find yourself in a situation and need some help, we will do everything we can.  We do not judge, we help.

A Newf is a very big commitment and will be a part of your family for several years. Therefore, it is very important that you understand exactly what owning and caring for one entails.  Newfs are a wonderful breed but they do require a lot of time, dedication and love.  However, they will return that many times over.

Please consider rescuing a Newf. There are many advantages to adopting a Newf as opposed to buying one. Every dog deserves a loving home and our rescues are no exception.


If you are considering surrendering a purebred Newf, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you with your decision process. We can also provide ideas for alternatives if you prefer to keep your Newf. We understand that each situation is unique and we will try to help you find the best solution.

Ways you can help

NCSD is always looking for great foster homes. If you can’t adopt a dog long-term, please consider fostering one. We temporarily place dogs in foster homes in a similar fashion to adopting them and can provide assistance with training, health, and grooming if need be. You supply the love, daily necessities, and a stable home environment.

NCSD happily works with other NCA Regional Club Rescue Committees. The more contacts we have the more dogs we can help find loving forever homes.

If you are interested in adopting a Newfoundland, have or know of one in need or would like to help, please email Kristi Lawton at or call (951) 764-8584